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  • Cohasset, Massachusetts (1747)   (GPS location N 42.24308, W 70.80332)

  • Cohasset Meetinghouse Name of Meetinghouse:   First Parish Meeting House

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    Street Address of Meetinghouse:   23 North Main St., Cohasset, MA
    Year(s) Built:   1747
    National Register of Historic Places Designation:   ?
    Massachusetts State Register of Historic Places:   ?
    Organization responsible:   First Parish Cohasset
    Organization's address:   23 North Main Street, Cohasset, MA 02025
    Organization's web site:   First Parish Cohasset
    Town Information:   Town of Cohasset
    Tax status:   Religious organization - tax exempt

    Contact:   Church office
    Telephone:   (781) 383-1100

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    Cohasset Meetinghouse Cohasset Meetinghouse
    Cohasset Meetinghouse Cohasset Meetinghouse